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How to Buy a Good Wig for Beginners?

Written by Cao Lu Lu


Posted on November 18 2019

Everyone wants to buy a good wig for themselves, but how can we get the best suitable wig for beginners?
in this article, you will know the tips on how to buy a good wig for African American Women.

Here are some tips for u.

1.Cap Size

you should measure your head circumference to make sure that you need a small-cap lace wig, average cap lace wig or large-cap lace wigs.

2. Lace Color

The wig lace color will be different. there has 4 different colors of it, dark brown, brown, light brown and transparent lace wig. You want to match the lace color with your own scalp complexion, not your skin tone. This is because when you part your lace wig cap you want it to appear as your natural scalp color. So to check your scalp color part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your skin lace color. If your skin is black, you 'd better use dark brown, if your skin color is white, you'd better use a transparent lace wig color.


And also there has wig hairline different, one is natural hairline African American human hair wigs and another is pre-plucked African American human hair wigs hairline which is most popular for now :)

pre plucked lace wigs

4. Wig Density

The density of your hair is simply how thin or thick the wig show to us. For an African American human hair wigs, heavier density means more hair tied or sewed into the lace cap, but it's hard to tell the density, because curly or wavy hair looks puffier than straight hair, so we normally measure density by hair weight. The more hair tied or sewed into the cap the heavier density the wig will be.

Our website selling 150% density, 180% density, and 210% density of human hair wigs. different length of wig needs different density to look better. for instance: 8"-14" with 150% density will show different look like 22" with 150 density, the following was the recommendation we suggest.
8"-14" 150%
16"-22" 180%
24"-30" 210%

hair density

5.Knots Bleach

To avoid showing the dark dots on the lace, bleaching knots gives the hair a more natural look by bleaching the knots to the color closer to the lace. we do accept wig knots bleach but you should pay extra $5 for this tech. #1-jet black hair is not available for bleaching knots.

wig knots bleach

Ok, beautiful, after reading this article you may get some the ideas to buy human hair wigs for yourself.

Human hair wigs are so effortless and easy to pull off that anybody can wear it. It is suitable for any gender. Even kids with skin disorders that prevent hair from growing can also wear it. If you need new human hair wigs with affordable price, lace front wigs is a great choice. want to know more about human hair wigs. just waiting for the next article.


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